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IP Performance Test

Welcome to IPPerf Test, please start your iperf client immediatelly after you start the server. your client command will be shown when you press start server.


Run for (seconds)
Operation Mode TCP
Client Address
Destination Server


How to use this

Before start, you will need iperf and act as a client.

for Linux/Unix users.
you can try your precompiled package from your distro. if you still can't find it. you can download the source from

for Windows users.
precompiled iperf client can be download from called jperf. it contain iperf.exe
that you can use in console view, or you will java runtime in your device to get better interface.


Running the server.

Some parameter you can tune to qualify results.

Run for.

it use to tell the server should be run for several second. please set reasonable for you to prepare the client. this parameter need to be sync with your start client.

Operation Mode.

For now TCP is the only choice, please set TCP at your client side.

Client address,

To limit result only for specified client. should be your client address or if you behind nat, make sure it's your router NAT address.

Destination Server.

Please choose destination server location you wish to test.